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Hikari House

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This spacious house inspired by Japanese and Mexican architecture is filled with Hikari (Japanese word for light).  As soon as you step into this house it becomes evident that light is an ever-present element; the welcoming triple height staircase volume as well as the large internal patio brighten all the common spaces.


Throughout the different times of the day, the sun breaker screen and the glass block wall will provide a stunning array of shadow effects that will captivate your senses.

A generous roof terrace surrounded by green elements (in situ planters and extensive green roofs) is the perfect setting to decompress and recharge your energy after a long day enjoying the panoramic views sipping on bubbly and listening to your favorite tunes.

In a conscious intent to make good use of our natural resources, the property comes with a rainwater collection system composed of a 3 tier sedimentation filtering system and a 11,000 liter cistern.

The system also has its dedicated water tank that will  provide water to flush the toilet, irrigate the landscaped areas and to clean the house. On the same note, warm water will be largely provided by a solar water heater installed on the roof. 


Simple but well-thought details coupled with thoughtful space planning and a careful selection of materials set the perfect background to achieve your ideal sanctuary.

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