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Javier Angel graduated Cum Laude in 2004 and obtained the Bachelor in Architecture at the Savannah College of Art & Design. One year later he obtained the Masters in Architecture at the same institution. In 2012 he specializes in Sustainable design and Construction graduating from the HafenCity University in Hamburg, Germany and obtaining a second masters degree: MSc in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning.


He has worked in renowned offices in several cities including New York City, Hamburg and Dubai, where he has participated in projects that range from an art installation to the planning of a city projected to have over 1.5 million inhabitants.


In 2018 he founded Toniclab Architecture in his native city, San Miguel de Allende, with the firm intention to bring to life timeless, stimulating spaces with a fresh, minimal but sophisticated approach. 

Inversely to mainstream design processes, our studio pays special attention to the conceptual phase, where key decisions ensure all projects are shaped to their unique character. We strongly believe that a properly executed process will result in a well designed building, with a personalized identity, that will remain up to date, regardless of the time.


Contemporary, continuous and clean lines with simple but timeless details as well as the play with light & shadow are key characteristics of our formal approach. On the same note, Toniclab Architecture is committed to find the equilibrium between elegance and functionality while always being conscious about the environment. 

Together with our clients, we endeavor to provide a tailor made spatial configuration and a tasteful selection of materials, ensuring the buildings we design are a reflection of the people who inhabit them; a true expression of their personality.

We aim to satisfy everyone involved in the project, specially our clients, often the end users, but also everyone else taking part of the journey, from the mason workers to contractors to designers, architects and engineers.

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